Cloth diapers feel overwhelming! Where do I even start?

There’s a lot of information out there that makes cloth diapers seem complicated, but they really aren’t. The best way to start if you’re feeling nervous is with a couple of cloth diapers to try out during the day.

Remember that cloth diapers aren’t an all or nothing thing. Some people use cloth all the time, others only during the day. Some cloth diaper at home and not at daycare. Some use cloth diapers all the time except when they are travelling. Use them however best suits your family.

How can I tell if the diaper fits properly?

The diaper should be snug but comfortable, with no noticeable gaps in the legs or the back.

What do I do with the poo?

  • Plop it, spray it, or scrape it off into the toilet
  • You can use a Spray Pal for this to easily and cleanly get rid of the poo

What's a Spray Pal?

A spray pal is a 2 piece system for dealing with the poo.

Part 1 – The Spray Pal Shield
You clip the dirty diaper into the shield, and the shield sits in the toilet bowl.

Part 2 – The Spray Pal Sprayer
The sprayer is connected to your toilets water supply, and you can spray the poo off the diaper into the toilet.

Squeeze the water off the diaper inside the shield, then un-clip and put the diaper into the wet bag for washing.

How do I wash the diapers?

  • Make sure there is no solid waste in the diapers.
  • Pre-wash with cold water and a small amount of detergent.
  • Main wash with hot water and lots of it, with a full scoop of detergent.

Do I need special laundry detergent?

Thousands of cloth diapering moms swear by Tide Powder detergent, and so do we.

How often should I wash my diapers?

Every 2- 3 days, this will keep them from starting to smell and other issues that come up if you wait too long to wash them.

How do I store dirty diapers?

Keep the dirty diapers inside a wet bag, and leave the wet bag unzipped. We like to keep the wet bags with dirty diapers in a plastic laundry basket. You can fit about 5 diapers in each wet bag.

How many diapers do I need?

You’ll need about 20-30 diapers to cloth diaper full time during the day. 5-6 additional night time diapers if you cloth diaper overnight.

Do I need different diapers at night?

Depending on your baby, and how heavy of a wetter they are, you might need nighttime diapers. Additionally you can add an extra booster or 2 to our regular diapers for overnight.

Aren't cloth diapers too bulky?

This is a common misconception. Cloth diapers are not too bulky for babies. We’ve been cloth diapering children long before there were disposable diapers.

Will my laundry machine get gross?

Not at all. If your machine is dirty, it means your diapers are likely dirty still too and you’ll need to adjust your washing settings.

You can choose to do an empty wash of your machine every once in a while. It’s actually recommended on most machines regardless if you’re washing diapers or not.

Can I wash other things in with a load of diapers?

This is optional. Diaper laundry is a heavier duty wash so things like towels are best to add in if you choose to put anything else in with it.

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